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What are Poppers?

Poppers are sometimes known by other names, including ‘liquid gold’ or amyl nitrate. They are usually sniffed to cause a little giddiness. Some studies suggest that they can open up the blood vessels that carry oxygen around the body. Many cardio-vascular medications work in a similar way. It is thought that better oxidation of the blood leads to better circulation, which means damaging free radicals and other cells can leave the body more effectively.

Poppers have a pleasant smell that make for excellent room refreshers and deodorizers. If you were to apply some to the insoles of your shoes you might find that foot odour becomes a thing of the past. Poppers can also be used to clean certain types of upholstery. Always read the label before you ruin an expensive rug, though!

Poppers are completely legal in the UK –If you are unsure, you should check local laws before you buy poppers from the UK or before you buy poppers online.

Poppers UK Laws and Legislation – Are Poppers Legal in the UK?

Yes! Of course! You must not use them for human consumption of course, but as room deodorizers, as fragrance, or as a cleaning solution, the sale of poppers is completely legal. That is: if you find poppers for sale online in the UK they are legal to buy.

For the most part, though, poppers are completely legal to possess and to have around the home.

Are Poppers Safe?

Poppers are totally safe! They are not to be directly inhaled and they are not to be used for human consumption. This means that you should not ingest them in any way, shape, or form. We do suggest that leaving a bottle uncorked on the coffee table may produce a good scent and eliminate other odours in your home.

It is worth noting that prolonged exposure to the scent of poppers can leave you feeling a little dizzy. In this instance scientific advice is that you discontinue using the product.

Poppers may cause a little head rush or muscle relaxation. They were first invented to help treat angina and heart problems in the 18th century. They work by increasing the size of the blood vessels temporarily to help force more blood through at once. This increases the rate at which free radicals and other toxins leave the body. You can buy poppers in the UK for a range of different uses.

Alkyl Nitrites, the substances that make up poppers, are not addictive and do not seem to have any long term, adverse effects on the body. If you develop sensitivity to the smell or suffer from recurring headaches it is recommended that you avoid contact with poppers. Online stores that have poppers for sale should have all of the necessary information you need to make an informed purchasing decision.

As an additional note; If you are taking any medications be particularly wary about their use. It is likely to be safe, but you can never be too careful when it comes to personal health.

How to Use Poppers?

It is important that when you buy poppers online you do not drink it. Drinking alkyl nitrites may cause organ failure and all manner of other horrible deaths. Do not drink poppers. Instead, unscrew the lid and leave them to sit on a table. The smell will permeate the room.

You can also apply any poppers for sale directly to your fabric of choice. If you want to negate the odour of a certain pair of shoes, for example, poppers can be applied using only a few drops. The scent should permeate and leave you with better smelling feet.

It is important that you do not put poppers onto any kind of fabric and directly inhale it. It is also not to be used for human consumption, so bare this in mind before you buy poppers online.

Poppers are sometimes sniffed directly from the bottle. It may also be applied to a piece of fabric or tissue, and inhaled this way. As  recreational tool poppers is considered to be an inhalant, which means that it needs to be breathed directly for its chemical compounds to start working on you. The deeper the breath, the quicker the reaction. Poppers does not last long and the effect will have passed in a few short moments.

It is unlikely that any poppers bought in the UK is damaging, but other countries have much less regulation than we do, and ordering online can be tricky.

What are Poppers Used For?

As we mentioned above, poppers were originally used for the dilation of the blood vessels. This is important because it helps blood to carry oxygen around the body.

The efficacy of poppers in the UK was questioned when certain studies called the headache symptom of over-inhalation to the foreground. Studies were conducted to try and prove one way or the other whether poppers in the UK were safe. Research has shown little to no long term side effects except in those who have had an allergic reaction.

If you suspect you may be allergic to any household substance we recommend that you halt use immediately. When you buy poppers online there is a very small chance that you will have this same reaction. More likely it will give you a mild rush if used incorrectly.

There is another use for poppers that some people do not like to talk about. It can dilate the blood vessels which leads to more exhilaration and better sensation in the nerve endings. We will leave it to your imagination to work out what this makes it useful for! There are very few aphrodisiacs that operate through smell but this does seem to be one!

People sell poppers in the UK for a variety of other reasons, too. These include:

  • LGBT communities use them at the parties.
  • It can be used to keep a room odorised.
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