About Us

Poppers UK - Who are we?

Here at Poppers UK, we don’t just provide clients with the best poppers online; we provide best in class customer service, too. It all started a few years ago, when our founders discovered the world of room odourisers and set out to research the best fragrance.

They wanted to source a product that was strong enough to disperse bad smells and that had less of a carbon footprint than other room scents. In answer, they discovered poppers and set out to bring them to the masses.

Purveyors of An Excellent Room Odouriser

Our founders wanted a room fragrance that was strong enough to dispel any stagnant stenches. They set out to find an odouriser that was up to task. After a long search they discovered that poppers gave off a sumptuous scent that sweetened most bad odours.

Poppers (UK) are legal, smell wonderful when left uncorked, and don’t require any special technique to use. Our founders curated a collection of some of the strongest poppers in the UK, allowing clients to buy online for delivered direct to their door.

An Environmentally Conscious Company

Our founders knew that the modern room odouriser should be Eco-conscious to encompass evolving consumer needs. We need to reduce, reuse and recycle the products we create. The air freshener market is struggling to conform to this trend… but online poppers (UK) are not.

Unlike other fragrances, poppers don’t require dispensers and so no plastic is used in their production. Even cheap poppers don’t need you to invest in batteries like you might for certain air fresheners. In fact, the only waste product you will have from buying poppers online is the recyclable bottle. This makes even the cheapest poppers more environmentally friendly than any room odouriser that requires a dispenser.

Exemplary Customer Service

Our founders didn’t stop at producing or sourcing a fantastic product range. As well as bringing the strongest poppers on the market to the masses; they wanted to create a best-in-class customer service department to compliment it.

Although poppers (UK) are perfectly legal, there is a little stigma surrounding them. To combat this we sell cheap poppers in discrete packaging. When our expertly sourced product arrives at your door, nobody will know what it is.

An Easy and Secure Payment Process

As part of our customer focused company, Poppers UK have extended our services to include an easy and secure online payment process. We want our services to be as simple to access as possible.

Coupled with Free Delivery

Another aspect of the attention to detail that we guarantee our clients, is the free delivery we offer. That’s right; provided you do not want next-day-delivery, products from our popper shop will be delivered free of charge.

And a No Questions Asked Return Policy

If you are not 100% happy with the product you receive, you can return it to us. Provided the product is undamaged, we institute a no questions asked return policy.

The Online Poppers Shop Way

We understand (better than most!) that we are all unique. We want to bring an exemplary product range to those unique customers – without criticism, without judgement, and without explanation. If you need poppers – we have them. And that’s the Online Poppers Shop way.