Amsterdam Gold Poppers 25ml

Amsterdam Gold Poppers 25ml


Amsterdam Poppers

The Number 1 Poppers Brand You Can Buy Online

Where else can you get the real Amsterdam poppers for sale, in the UK and online, and for such a great price? We shop around for the best of the best in high-quality produce… and the Amsterdam brand are well known in the poppers scene as manufacturers of distinction.

Also known as Amsterdam Gold, the real Amsterdam poppers will always have that distinctive golden label that marks them apart from the rest. Of course, Amsterdam Gold are some of the strongest poppers you can buy online… and the Amsterdam Gold aroma is like no other you have encountered…

There are so many imitations of this brand on the market that it is easy to be misled. Let us assure you that we sell only the real Amsterdam poppers, ultra-strong, refreshing and invigorating. This is a scent sure to perk up any party. Simply uncork, leave the bottle to breathe, and get on with your evening. When you return, the strongest UK poppers will have circulated the room, leaving a gorgeous fragrance that is set to impress!

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The Real Original Amsterdam Gold – Extra Strong Room Aroma

You will be able to recognise the distinctive scent of the original Amsterdam Gold, extra strong room odouriser. It is a scent that has been around in the background of your life for years, whether you have noticed it or not. Poppers are something that everyone uses, and few people admit to… but they make such strong room aromas, especially now that Amsterdam poppers are for sale in the UK.

Amsterdam Poppers for Sale, UK Based providers for Fast Delivery

If you are worried that your Amsterdam Gold aroma will take too long to get to you – then don’t panic. When you buy from our online poppers shop, you get fast delivery to anywhere in the UK. If you need to Rush your poppers delivery, you can choose to have our delicious original Amsterdam Gold (extra strong!) poppers delivered overnight. Next day delivery does cost a little extra – but it will be worth it!

How to Use Amsterdam Gold Poppers?

To use the original Amsterdam Gold, extra-strong poppers, simply take the lid off and leave the bottle to breathe. We do caution you to make sure you use them in a well ventilated space. If you breathe in too much poppers you will get dizzy and lightheaded – you may even get a headache. If this happens, replace the lid and open some windows to improve air circulation in the room.

Delivery of Amsterdam Gold

Delivery will take between 3 and 5 working days from the time of ordering. If you would like to rush the order, make sure you place it before 5pm. There will be a small fee for next day delivery.


Alkyl Nitrate

Safety Information

Not to be inhaled or imbibed. Amsterdam Gold Poppers are to be used as an air freshener; not to be used in small spaces. Keep in a cool, dry place, far out of the reach of children.


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