Potent Blue Poppers 22 ml

Potent Blue Poppers 22 ml


Potent Blue Poppers

You can buy some of the strongest poppers online, in the UK, right here!

Potent Blue Poppers are a room aroma with a difference! Made from classic Isopropyl Nitrates, they are designed to pierce through any foul, stale, or otherwise ghastly smell. Potent Blue room odouriser leaves any space refreshed, adding a scent specifically designed to relax the mind and muscles alike.

There is something a little extra special about Potent Blue Poppers. UK made; this room aroma has an awesome added ingredient – an aggravator. The aggravator comes in the form of a pellet inside the bottle. When shaken, it releases the aroma that makes potent blue room odorizer so special. When the chemical reaction happens, you are met with a waft of scent so cleansing it is legendary!

This is a product of excellent quality, brought to you from manufacturers that care about purity, branding, and giving you a little entertainment with your Potent Blue Poppers. UK users say they love that little blue pellet. They love that shaking the bottle before uncorking it leaves that extra strong poppers smell in the air.

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Buy Potent Blue Poppers – UK Based Firm – 22ml Bottle

Potent Blue Poppers are a sensory experience. They provide a sumptuous scent, courtesy of the Isopropyl Nitrates. Potent Blue room odouriser is favoured by those that love the smell – but that also love the thrill that only the strongest poppers in the UK can provide. When you shake it up, the blue pellet in the bottle makes all the difference. It’s quirky, it’s fun, and it’s definitely an alternative from the norm at our online poppers shop.

Potent Blue Poppers reviews are all about that pellet. In fact, some have affectionately dubbed it ‘the blue bullet’. Users have nothing but good things to say about the potency of this product, naming them as some of the strongest poppers online. Are they the strongest poppers in the UK? They are if you check the potent blue poppers reviews!

We source our potent blue poppers from the best manufacturers in the British Isles, then we buy in bulk and pass those savings directly on to you. Our customers get some of the cheapest Potent Blue Poppers online as a result. When you shop in our online poppers shop, you are able to buy your potent blue room odorizer safe in the knowledge that it you are buying the strongest poppers you can get in the UK, for the best possible price.

How to Use Potent Blue Poppers Room Aroma?

To use Potent Blue Poppers, you can simply remove the lid from the bottle and leave it on a table, central to the room. If you require a boost in poppers strength, replace the cap, give the bottle a shake, and open it again.


Isopropyl Nitrates, Aggravator Pellet

Delivery Options

You can have Potent Blur room odorizer delivered directly to your door, for free, within 3-5 working days. If you need to rush you can get overnight delivery, but we will attach an extra charge.

Safety Instructions

Do not inhale poppers straight from the bottle. Do not ingest. To be used as a room odouriser. Keep out of the reach of children and store in a cool, dry place.


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