Ultra Strong Poppers 15ml

Ultra Strong Poppers 15ml


Ultra Strong Poppers

The Big Green Poppers that Really Pack a Punch!

Ultra Strong Poppers are some of our personal favourites. Our online popper shop sells bottles and bottles of it – and why? Because it is instantly recognisable as some of the strongest poppers on the market. So if you like your poppers ultra strong? We have all you need – and it’s as green as you can get!

When you choose Ultra Strong poppers from our online popper shop you are buying a high-quality product that has been designed with your interests in mind. Evidence has shown that poppers emit a pleasant fragrance while simultaneously oxygenating the blood vessels in the brain. This causes an uplifting feeling while refreshing a room of even the stalest of scents.

The big green bottle is slightly off-size from other brands – just another thing that makes this brand so distinctive. They sell in 15ml bottles as opposed to the ten or twenty-five ml bottles of other poppers brands.

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Buy Ultra Strong Poppers online – UK based and in 15ml bottles

When you are a regular user of poppers, ultra strong are a brand you are probably already familiar with. They produce some of the strongest poppers in the British Isles, making Ultra Strong poppers (UK) almost a signature scent. Room aromas don’t come this strong, or this pleasing.

Since we sell Ultra Strong poppers in the UK, we are able to dispatch your poppers efficiently and discreetly. We appreciate that not everyone likes the pleasant scent provided by poppers… Ultra strong or otherwise. So we make sure our packaging doesn’t reflect the contents.

As usual, it is our clients that have the last say! Ultra Strong Poppers reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Customers remark that they are left feeling lighter, refreshed, and invigorated when they place a big green bottle in any given room. Ultra strong poppers reviews we have had remark on how we provide some of the cheapest ultra strong poppers you can buy in the UK… and we aim only to please!

Our ultra strong scented room aromas are of the highest quality. We buy in bulk, to allow us to pass our savings on to the customer. This allows us to provide you with some of the most competitively priced poppers that you can buy in the UK. We pride ourselves in bringing you nothing but the best.

How to Use Ultra Strong Poppers?

To use Ultra Strong poppers (UK only, check local regulations to ensure legality if you don’t live in the UK) just take the cap off. Place the uncorked bottle on a flat surface and let it breathe. Soon, the room will be filled with the wondrous scent of our delicious ultra strong poppers.

Delivery of Ultra Strong Poppers

We give free delivery that will arrive between 3 and 5 working days of your purchase. If you wish to receive your poppers by the next day, make sure to order before 5 pm. You will be charged a small fee for next day delivery – but it will be worth it!

Safety Instructions

Do not inhale any of our poppers range directly from the bottle. Ultra strong room odouriser is to be used as an air freshener and not to be imbibed, ingested, or otherwise used. Keep out of the reach of children and store in a cool, dry place.


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