Rush Poppers 10ml

Rush Poppers 10ml


Rush Ultra Strong Poppers

Rush – one of the biggest brands on the UK poppers Scene

There is no smell quite so distinctive as the Rush aroma. This is one of the biggest brands in the online poppers industry. Rush poppers create a scent that is unforgettable. For many, the brand’s first product (the Rush Original Popper) is synonymous with the first time they ever came across that sensuous poppers scent. Rush Ultra Strong Poppers are a nostalgic name on the popper’s scene.

Rush Ultra Strong Poppers are made using Isobutyl Nitrite. This particular chemical blend has a sweet smell to it, which almost makes you physically hungry. As well as giving off that super-pleasing Rush aroma, they are known to be some of the strongest poppers. Rush is a brand of the connoisseur. The Rush original popper? A product for the most discerning of clients.

You can buy Rush poppers online through our poppers shop with minimum fuss. We can have the product sent to your door, for free, and yet still be considered one of the cheapest online popper’s providers in the UK. We bulk buy so that we can pass our savings on to you. Through us, you can get the strongest poppers in the UK – that’s Rush Ultra Strong Poppers – for affordable prices. We even do an overnight delivery service for a small fee.

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Buy Rush Poppers Online from the UK’s most Trusted Source

When you buy through our online popper shop, you receive exemplary customer service as set out by a market-leading firm. We want to bring nothing but the highest quality poppers products to our clients – and we believe in the Rush, Ultra-Strong Poppers name. Better yet, we can bring them directly to your door, in discreet packaging.

Rush is often sold in various different bottle sizes. Regardless of bottle size, you will find that Rush Ultra Strong Poppers last you a very long time. The scent given off by this room aroma is best used in blasts. Like any other air freshener, prolonged exposure will mean you don’t smell it any longer! The old rule still applies, however, that the bigger the bottle, the longer it will last.

So when it comes to buying poppers online, deciding on your favourite brand of poppers, or even just trying out different room aroma flavours – consider Rush. They are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers in Isobutyl Nitrite poppers. They have years of experience in producing some of the best room odorizers in the world. Rush Ultra Strong Poppers might just be the brand you have been searching for. Order now and find out.

How to use Rush Ultra Strong Poppers?

To use Rush original popper blends simply sit them on the table, in the centre of any room. Remove the cap, then enjoy the fragrance as it emanates from the open bottle. Much like you would let a bottle of red wine breathe; poppers care to be enjoyed in a similar way.


Isobutyl Nitrite

Delivery Options

When you choose our online poppers shop, we will deliver poppers free, to anywhere within the UK. This will take between 3 and 5 working days from the day of ordering. We also offer an overnight delivery service. If you wish your Rush Ultra Strong poppers to be delivered to you the following day, we will require a postage fee. You must also order before 5pm to give us time to rush the post!

Safety Information

Rush room aromas should not be inhaled or imbibed from the bottle. They are to be used only as instructed, above. Do not use them in a confined space. If dizziness or a headache do occur simply discontinue use of the product. Keep out of the reach of children and store in a cool, dry place.




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